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It is clear that the inner workings of the volcano have not ended. But when I reached the high cliff, I could not see a volcano within a few nautical miles. The vegetation on this deserted island is very poor. The coast is full of mollusks, and there are also a number of tree-shaped corals. But life in the sky is so bustling! Thousands of birds of different types flutter and cry. Thousands of animals perched on the cliffs absentmindedly looked at us and strolled respectfully next to where we were standing. FAMILY WE’RE A TEAM PERSONALIZED POSTER. They are very agile piston birds in the water but very heavy and clumsy on land. They gather in large groups, inactive but often loudly. Half a mile further from shore, we found the ground full of panhandling nests. Captain Nero organized the hunting of these hundreds of birds. The champagne is dark but delicious. It sounded like a trick ho.

Family we’re a team personalized poster

Penguins as big as a goose, white-breasted. They didn’t even hide so they got hit by the stone and rolled back! The mist has not melted yet. It was eleven o’clock in the afternoon without seeing the sun. I was very impatient. What else could be observed without the sun? And how to determine whether it has been to Antarctica or not? I walked over to Nero. he stood with his hand pressed against the ledge and looked up at the sky. It seems that Nero is also restless and worried. but how? That brave and stubborn man is not powerful enough to control the sun like he has over the sea! By noon, the sun is still gone. The fog still did not allow the sun’s altitude to be determined. A moment later the fog turned into a blizzard. I wait until tomorrow, Nero said. We returned to the ship Nau-ti-lux. While we were absent, the crew on the boat let go of their nets. Arriving at the boat, I was very excited to start researching the fish I just caught.

The Antarctic Sea is a large-scale migration of storm-escaping fish at lower latitudes. The blizzard raged until morning. No one could stand on deck. From the living room where I recorded all the events of the Antarctic expedition, I heard the cry of the leopard cheetah still hovering no matter the blizzard. The Nau-ti-lux ran another ten knots along the coast to the south. Around twilight. The next day, March 20, the blizzard ended. It’s a little colder. Thermometer only -2o. The rising fog made me hope that the coordinates could be determined today. Captain Nero was not on deck, but the boat was ready for us to use. FAMILY WE’RE A TEAM PERSONALIZED POSTER. Cong-build and I rowed to the shore. The land here is of volcanic origin. But looking forever I could not detect the mouth of the mountain. Here as well as on the island, thousands of birds make the austere natural scene of Antarctica happy. There are also thousands of mammals looking at us with kind eyes. There are all kinds of seals, some on shore, some on ice. Others dived underwater and then got up again. They are not afraid of us. Obviously they have never met anyone. They live in groups: male seals look after the family, and female seals are nursing. The animals are playing in the distance. Seals move on the ground with difficulty. They dance in short, awkward steps. But in the familiar water environment, they swim very well. On the water and when crawling up shallow to rest, the seal has a very nice posture.

Official Design Family we’re a team personalized poster

I noted Congon about the development of the brain hemisphere of this intelligent animal. Other than humans, no other mammal has such a developed brain. Therefore, seals are easy to teach, easy to tame. I agree with the naturalists that, if well tamed, seals can be very useful in sea fishing, just like hunting dogs. In the seals sometimes mixed in some sea elephants like seals, but with short and flexible hose, massive body up to six meters high, up to ten meters long. Seeing us appear, they didn’t even move. Without touching them there is no danger. But when seals protect them, they are terrible. There was a time when a seal broke a fishing boat. Animals have the right to behave like that, says Cong-build. Yes. We go for two more knots. Here there are many jagged cliffs blocking the road. These rocky outcrops protrude vertically, each wave of silver rushing underfoot. From the other side came a roaring sound, like there was a swarm of ruminant animals. Cong-build said: Wow, it sounds like cows are doing a concert! Must have a look. So we walked back along the black billiards, on the slippery icy rocks. Many times I fell, my ribs hurt.

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