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On the surface of the sea there is a roaring sound like thunder, hissing, the roar of fishes as they die! The fish’s tail wobbled so hard that the previously flat sea surface bubbled up like a pan of boiling water. In the fierce fighting that lasted for an hour, the sperm whales were completely destroyed. Several times they gathered in groups of ten or twelve to switch to counterattack to crush the ship. Fish mouths full of wide teeth. The disgusting eyes outside the doorway made Tinh mad. GOD SAYS YOU ARE RUNNING WOMAN POSTER. He constantly curses the big-headed fish and threatens them with his fist. The fish grabbed their teeth into the hull like hunting dogs on the neck of a hunted wild boar. But the ship Nau-ti-lxx obeyed the will of the pilot, sometimes dragged the enemy into the ship, when it surfaced again, even though it was pressed on four sides. In the end the sperm whales were beaten. The sea was quiet again. Ship floating to sea surface. We opened the hatch and went on deck. The sea is full of crushed fish carcasses.

God says you are running woman poster

The children that survived were horrified, and ran away. The seawater tinged with crimson red for a few nautical miles. Nau-ti-lxx ship runs on a sea of ​​blood. Captain Nero walked up to us and asked: How are you, Mr. Net? Dear Captain, -Stroke’s enthusiasm has cooled very quickly, -The scene is terrible. But I am a hunter, not a butcher, and you killed too much just now. Not killing but killing animals, -Noim protested. And the Nau-ti-lúx is not a butcher’s knife. In my opinion, it is better to use a spear. Each of them had their own weapon, -Norah stared. I am afraid that in anger, he could speak insolent words to Nero, causing harmful consequences. But Net’s anger subsided when he saw the whale that the Nau-ti-lxx was approaching. This fish could not avoid the attack of the ferocious sperm whales. It lay on its side, stomach full of wounds. It is dead. The fish’s fin is tattered, and at the end of the fin there is a baby whale who also died. From the mouth of the fish the water flows out like a stream. Captain Nero dropped by the boat and approached the dead fish.

Two sailors climbed the fish’s ribs. I was amazed to see them milking from the breast of a fish with two or three tons of milk! Nehemiah offered me a cup of hot milk. I cannot conceal my fear of this drink. But Neho assured me that whale milk was delicious and just as good as cow’s milk in terms of flavor. I tasted it and found it delicious! So we have enriched the food reserves! From that day on, I began to worry when I saw an expression of hostility towards Captain Nehemia, and I decided to closely monitor every move of Tinh. The Nau-ti-lúx kept going south all the way to the 50th meridian. Could it be headed for the South Pole? GOD SAYS YOU ARE RUNNING WOMAN POSTER. It is ridiculous! All attempts to reach that point of the earth have failed. March 13 in the Antarctic region corresponds to September 13 in the north at the onset of the spring-autumn equinox period. On March 14 near latitude 55o appeared lead-gray icebergs, about six or seven meters high, forming obstacles that the waves rushed in. Nau-ti-lxx ship runs on the ocean surface. Stroke has been to the arctic sea many times, so for him the iceberg was nothing strange. Only me and the Cong build are seeing for the first time. A white strip stretched from the southern horizon. No matter how thick the clouds are, it cannot obscure that aurora. The aurorae is reflected off by copper tape. Soon larger ice sheets appeared.

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The light emits when strong when weak and covered by a thick mist. The more we go south, the more glaciers are encountered by ships. Thousands of antarctic birds nest on it. Storm-leopard chirped ears. The other birds, thinking that our ship was a whale, landed on it and cut the deck into the steel hull with their beaks. During the time the ship was running among the fields, Captain Noah went on deck. he gazed at the immense ice. From time to time Neho’s eyes lit up. What did he think in that moment? does he feel that he is the sole owner of this Antarctic sea, of this craggy and endless ice? Maybe. But Nero was silent. he stood for hours contemplating until the sailor’s instincts pulled him back to reality. At that time, Nero personally skillfully steered the ship away from the icebergs several nautical miles long and seven or eighty meters above sea level. Sometimes ice forms walls blocking the road. Near latitude 60o, there is no more pure water. But Nero often quickly found a small gap between the ice sheets and bravely steered the ship in. The air temperature dropped quite low.

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