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Of course, the temperature in the ship that is heated by the electric motors is much higher. The Nau-ti-lux operated extremely precisely at this icy depth, the Nau-ti-lux headed straight for Antarctica with an average speed of fifty-six knots, that is, by train. run fast. If the train does not slow down, then in forty hours we will reach Antarctica. Cong and I stayed in the living room until late at night. The new scenery kept us from looking away from the doorway. Seawater sparkles under the headlights. DACHSHUND NEVER FORGET WHO YOU ARE CANVAS. But around the wilderness, there is no fish living in this frozen water. Occasionally fish come here to go to places that are less icy. The train runs very fast but we can only feel it through the vibrations of the steel hulls. Almost two o’clock in the morning, I went back to my bedroom for a few hours. The same goes for construction. As I walked down the hallway, I hoped to meet Nero, but he must be in the pilot room. The next day, March 19, from five a.m, I went into the living room.

Dachshund never forget who you are canvas

The electric meter shows that the train is running at average speed. The vessel slowly pumped water out of its storage tanks and slowly emerged. My heart was pounding. Will the ship reach the sea surface? Is the sea in the Antarctic frozen? But the ship suddenly crashed into the underside of the sea of ​​ice. So above our ship is a layer of ice that is more than six hundred meters thick, thicker than the ice where the ship dives! This situation is really tough! That day, the Nau-ti-lúx several times tried to penetrate the ice but all failed. In the evening, the situation remained unchanged. The thickness of the ice shifted between four and five hundred meters. Ice is much thinner, but from the ship to the ocean surface there is still a considerable distance. Eight pm. As a rule, the Nau-ti-lúx had to float to get air four hours earlier. However, I did not feel the lack of air, and Captain Nero did not use the storage tanks yet. That night I didn’t sleep well, panicking and arousing hope.

Several times I got up from bed. Nau-ti-lxx ship occasionally probed the upper ice. By nearly three o’clock in the morning, the machines in the living room told me that the lower part of the ice field was only fifty meters thick. We are only fifty meters from the sea surface! I don’t take my eyes off the depth meter. Ships are gradually emerging in a diagonal. The ice is thinner. Finally, at six a.m. on that memorable March 19, the living room door opened. Captain Nero entered and said: The sea! I ran up deck. It’s the sea! Only a few blocks of ice are scattered here and there. Surrounding is a vast sea of ​​water. Thousands of birds were flying in the sky, millions of fish swimming underwater. Depending on the nature of the seabed the water changes from dark green to green. DACHSHUND NEVER FORGET WHO YOU ARE CANVAS. Thermometer only -3o. After crossing the sea of ​​ice, we seem to have met a fresh spring! Is this the South Pole? -I asked Nero, feeling excited. I do not know. By noon I will determine the coordinates. But is the sun visible through a dense fog? Just sticking out a little is enough. Ten nautical miles south of Nau-ti-lux, we found a solitary island, two hundred meters above sea level. Ships slowly approached the island, perhaps around the island there are reefs. An hour later, the ship arrived close to the island. Two hours later I went around the island for a round. The island’s circumference is about four or five knots. A narrow strait separates the island from the mainland, possibly a continent. The reason it is difficult to determine is because the strip of land runs hidden behind the horizon.

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Afraid of getting stranded, the Nau-ti-lúx stopped more than five hundred meters from the shore. A canoe is lowered into the water. Captain, two sailors carrying gauges, Gong-build and I sat in the canoe. It was nine o’clock in the morning. Today I do not see Stroke. Perhaps he insisted on holding his opinion, despite being close to Antarctica. Only a few paddles and canoes reached the sand bank. The builder was about to jump ashore, but I stopped it. Captain, I say, you have the honor of being the first to step foot on this land. Yes, professor. I don’t hesitate when I step onto Antarctica, where no human footsteps have been! As Neha said this, he gently jumped ashore. I found him very emotional. After climbing a cliff at the very end, Neho stopped, arms crossed over his chest. He stood in that quiet and solemn posture, as if taking possession of this land. Five minutes passed, and Nero told me: Please! I jumped out of the canoe, followed by the Cong-build. Two sailors stayed in the boat. This immense strip of land is as red as brick. Coal slag, lava traces show that the soil here is of volcanic origin. Somewhere from the ground came fumes of sulfur.

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