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On the other hand, the professor knew how much oxygen each person needed to breathe and the Nau-ti-lüx had to rise up every twenty-four hours to store. Cong-build didn’t finish his sentence, but I understood what he meant very well. I say: I understand you, Cong-build sir. The calculation is not difficult, but it must be correct. So, the thing is. Each hour consumes some of the oxygen contained in a hundred liters of air. WARRIOR PRINCESS THE DEVIL SAW ME WITH MY HEAD DOWN POSTER. So in twenty-four hours the oxygen contained in two thousand four hundred liters is consumed. Now divide the capacity of the ship by two thousand four hundred. But I guess with you all the people on this ship combined, the passengers, sailors, officers don’t even tenth of that figure. So, Mr. Net, I can only advise you to be a little patient. Not only patience but also patience, Cong build used very accurate words. However, Nehah was not able to go south forever. At some point, he must stop too! When he met the ice companions, Noah would have to return to more civilized seas.

Warrior princess The devil saw me with my head down poster

At that time, Mr. Net, will be a favorable time for us. Stroke of shaking his head, wiping his forehead with his hand and then leaving without saying a word. Cong-builder told me: If the professor allows it, I will choose to advise him. This Misery guy stuffs his mind with all kinds of miscellaneous things. Always mention the past! The feature tormented itself with old memories. Should sympathize with him. What else does he know to do on this ship? Stroke is not scholarly like professor. The magical scenes in the deep sea do not make him as happy as the professor. His willingness to sacrifice everything so that he could sit down in a pub in Canada at night! The monotonous life on the Nau-ti-lúx indeed weighed heavily on Net Len, an active and outgoing man. there are few things that interest him. However, there was also one thing that made Tinh recall the glorious past. Near eleven o’clock in the afternoon, the ship Nau-ti-lúx surfaced water right in the middle of a flock of whales.

This meeting did not surprise me: I knew that this mammal was hunted by many fishing fleets and had to evade into the Atlantic and neighboring seas. Whales played an important and beneficial role in this era of great discoveries. They appealed to the Batceans, then the Assyrians, the British, the Dutch, teaching them to disregard the dangers of the sea and dare to walk across the oceans. Ancient legends about whale “feats” have led hunters to the North Pole only seven miles to go! It is most likely that thanks to whale hunting in the north and south polar seas, the two poles of the earth have been found! We sat on deck. Serene. October at this latitude gives us beautiful autumn days. Stroke was the first man unmistakably discovered a whale on the eastern horizon. WARRIOR PRINCESS THE DEVIL SAW ME WITH MY HEAD DOWN POSTER. If you look closely, you can see how the ship is about five nautical miles, a black object that emerges as it sinks into the sea. If I was on a whale fishing boat then this must be known! This whale is quite a lot. Look at the water column it spits up! Why am I tied up here so tightly? Do you still remember whaling, Mr. Net? Professor, does any hunter forget his old job? Is there anything that can replace that profession? It makes my blood boil! Have you ever hunted whales in this sea? Dear professor, not yet. I have been to the northern seas, all the way to the Straits of Bethel and the Strait of Devix. That means he did not know whales in the southern hemisphere. That “s right! So far he has only hunted northern whales and southern whales do not cross the hot equatorial waters.

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I managed to shoot near Georgia a whale on the flank with a spear bearing the mark of a fishing boat in the waist of Belarus. Please ask why the fish injured on the west coast of the Americas was lowered on the east coast, if after circling over Ho Hoc or Hao Vong, it does not cross the equator? I agree with Mr. Net’s opinion, Cong-build said. Please answer for professor. Friends, there are many species of whales that live in different seas and never leave. And if a whale comes from the Strait of Bethlehem to the Strait of De-vix, it means that between the two seas there is a passage located near the coast of America or near the coast of Asia. The whale is coming! Rub! It swims straight towards us. How tantalizing! It sees me with bare hands! Footsteps, fists tightly clenched and shaking as if raising a symbolic spear. Professor, I have seen whales longer than thirty meters. I even heard that there were some fifty meters long in the area of ​​the island of Alexander.

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